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A Truly African Experience

Fly Fishing - Conventional Fishing - Hunt & Fish Combo

Experience the African Wilderness as F.C. Selous experienced it. The Big Five roams free in the fishing areas, adding to the excitement. The package includes luxurious en-suite tented safari camps with excellent, capable staff, ready to make your safari comfortable and unforgettable.

You will enjoy fantastic fishing areas in the Selous Game Reserve with camps on the Kilombero River. The hunting season starts at the beginning of July and ends on the 31st of December. Fishing starts at the beginning of August and finishes at the end of November. Contact us today to book your next adventure.

Robert Ardrey (1961) wrote in the introduction of his book “African Genesis”: “The home of our fathers was that African highlands reaching north from the Cape to the lakes of the Nile. Here we came about –slowly, ever so slowly–on a sky-swept savannah glowing with menace.”

Theodore Roosevelt (1910) wrote in his book “African Game Trails”: “But there are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy and its charm. There is delight in the hardy life of the open, in long rides rifle in hand, in the thrill of the fight with dangerous game.

Apart from this yet mingled with it, is the strong attraction of the silent places, of the large tropic moons, and the splendour of the new stars; where the wanderer sees the awful glory of sunrise and sunset in the wide waste spaces of the earth, unworn of man, and changed only by the slow changes of the ages, through time everlasting.”

The Selous Game reserve

Africa has a magic and few places exist that are truly “wild”. One such area is the renowned Selous Game reserve. This reserve is named after the well-known Frederick Courtenay Selous, big game hunter and soldier who was killed in battle during the First World War in Tanzania on January 4th1917 at the age of 66.

Tanzanian Tigerfish Adventures has a concession for fishing of 200km on the Kilombero and Ruaha Rivers in the Selous Game Reserve. The Shigule Falls at the confluence of the Kilombero and Luwegu Rivers is also special and will be remembered as one of the highlights of your safari.

Large tiger fish occur in these rivers and numerous happy clients have enjoyed fishing these rivers in the pristine environment in the presence of numerous game and lush riverine forest and savannah vegetation.Other fish species such as vundu, tilapia and rhino fish assist to enhance the joy of your safari.

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For any further information on Tanzanian Tigerfishing Adventures, please download our full colour brochure for 2017. You may want to contact us via email as the phone reception is not always ideal in the remote areas.

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We specialize in conventional as well as Fly fishing. We strongly suggest that the serious angler try both in these rivers.




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